Grandparent's Rights

When parents separate, grandparents can suffer and lose the relationship they had with their grandchildren. Arizona courts protect healthy and ongoing relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. If you are a grandparent who has enjoyed regular visits with your grandchildren, our attorneys will assist you in obtaining visitation rights.

If you are a grandparent who has been unreasonably denied visits with a grandchild, the Law Firm of Keith A. Singer, PLLC can help you seek court-ordered visitation. 

Seeking Custody Of A Grandchild?

When parents are unable to take care of their children, grandparents often step in and provide the care the children need. At the Law Office of Keith A. Singer, PLLC, we use Arizona’s third-party custody law to give legal reality to the relationship grandparents have with their grandchildren. Exercising your legal rights allows you to better protect your grandchildren in emergencies — giving you the authority to make major decisions regarding health, medical treatment, education, and religion.

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