High Standards

Arizona licensed Attorneys are bound by strict Rules of Professional Responsibility and Ethics. Every licensed Arizona Attorney has undergone an extensive background check and has passed a rigorous character and fitness review, including proficiency of ethical rules and knowledge of general principles of law. 

Among other ethical/professional obligations, attorneys are required to be competent (i.e they must know what they are doing and do things properly). We are bound to avoid conflicts of interest (such as favoring one party in a mediation at the expense of the other). We are obligated to participate in continuing education, including ongoing yearly ethics training. We are responsible and answer to the Arizona State Bar, so we are accountable to the people we work for and to our profession.


A quality Family Law Attorney has studied law in a formal, graduate level program, has completed numerous continuing education programs, has trained under more experienced Family Law attorneys, and has consulted with and represented many hundreds of clients in a wide variety of Family Law matters. An experienced Family Law Attorney needs to have extensive trial experience and extensive settlement experience.

Knowledge of the Law

Knowledge of the Law

A dedicated Family Law Attorney is fully proficient in the applicable laws and rules of Family Law and procedure and has utilized them in many prior cases. More importantly, a good Family Law attorney is experienced in helping non-lawyers understand the relevant laws and procedures. 

When people come to our office, they will notice a Family Law compendium sitting on our attorney's desk, as well as several other publications that provide commentary on the Family Laws and procedures. As we discuss the general legal issues, you’ll notice that we open the law books to study the actual laws which apply to your case. We can expect we will discuss your individual rights or specific obligations. We will identify and educate as to the law and procedure generally applicable to your Family Law situation and we will discuss the pros and cons of various legal and practical options.

Courtroom Experience

A seasoned Family Law Attorney has the experience that can only come from many hundreds of litigated cases and many thousands of court hearings and trials. Only experienced trial attorneys can best share their experience to help people consider what a court might or might not do. This helps to avoid litigation.

Complex Issues

Many Family Law cases involve more complex issues such as division of retirement accounts, evaluating community liens on separate property, transfer of business and real property (house and land) ownership, deeds and titles, extensive debt problems, business and property valuation, care of special needs children, funding for college-age children, health and other insurance needs, physical and mental health issues, substance abuse, domestic violence, relocation of parents and children, interstate jurisdictional issues, calculating child support for self-employed or under-employed parents, amount and duration of spousal maintenance (alimony), and other advanced Family Law matters that require a higher level of knowledge and experience that only comes from years of practicing Family Law.


We strive to give our Family Law clients finality. If we do our job as your attorney/mediator effectively, the legal outcome lasts as long as possible and the parties do not have to constantly fix problems that resulted from haste, inexperience, or inattention. We want every possible issue to be identified, resolved, and made into a court order so no strings are left dangling at the end of the process. Preparing the final documents is, perhaps, the most important part of the entire process. The quality of the drafting of the parties’ court orders can determine whether or not the parties will have peace or festering issues for years to come.

Peace of Mind

There is always a cheaper way to get something done and the same is true for Family Law. An attorney/mediator is generally going to be more expensive, especially in the short run, than doing it yourself or hiring a document preparer. The people who seek our services want to save money, conflict, stress, and time by working together with an attorney, but just as importantly, they want knowledgeable and wise answers to appropriate questions, they want solutions instead of problems, and they want things done right and with a high degree of quality, precision, and professionalism. If you share similar beliefs, our services may be right for your case.

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