Spousal Support

In certain Family Law cases an order of Spousal Maintenance is appropriate. Keith will work with the parties so that they better understand the factors courts use to determine whether maintenance should be awarded, for what amount, and for what duration. The parties will discuss the options of “modifiable” and “non-modifiable” maintenance so that the parties may decide whether, if spousal maintenance is appropriate, such orders are appropriate and if so, how they should be structured. No final orders or agreements pertaining to spousal maintenance should be signed or submitted to a court without review by an independent Family Law attorney representing each party, unless the parties decided otherwise.

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Child Support

Additional Information

When it comes to our children, we all want what’s best for them. We want them to be safe, secure, and happy. Unfortunately, when a marriage ends, it’s often the children that bear the brunt of the situation.

Children’s Rights in Divorce

The most important family members, when it comes to divorce, are the children. Their well-being and welfare are paramount to the resolution of the case. When minor children are involved in their parents’ divorce, the family law attorneys at The Law Office of Keith A. Singer are vigilant advocates.

Children of divorce deserve to have access to both parents regardless of how well the parents get along with each other. Children of divorce deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. When minor children are involved in their parents’ divorce, Keith Singer is a vigilant advocate.

Mother’s Rights in Divorce

A mother’s rights during a divorce include the right to ask the judge or mediator, for physical custody of her child or children. If she is granted physical custody, then she has the right to have them live with her.

The mother has shared rights and responsibilities with the father on decisions and custody of the children when the mother is granted joint custody.

Father’s Rights in Divorce

A father's rights, as they relate to custody, during a divorce are the same as those of the mother. Both the father and the mother have the same legal standing. This only changes when one of them relinquishes or is denied full custody rights.

Until a custody agreement is signed or a judge delivers a custody opinion, each parent has the same legal rights as they pertain to the children.

Sole Custody Issue

In order for the judge or mediator to grant sole physical and legal custody, the parent or guardian must demonstrate to the court that awarding this custody is in the best interests of the children involved. Many factors are taken into account when this decision is made including: the current relationships with the children, the stability of the home life the parents are able to provide, the inability of the other parent to meet the children’s needs, the lack of involvement of the other parent in the children’s lives.

What We Believe

We believe in doing what’s best for the family and that means taking into account the children and both parents. Family Law is more than just handling divorces and catering to the parent with the most money and power.

At The Law Office of Keith A. Singer, we don’t discriminate based on gender, money, power, level of education, or social status. We believe in supporting our clients based on the merits of their case.

“I believe a true family law practitioner does not see cases from the perspective of gender, but rather by best interests and equity,” said Keith A. Singer, founder of The Law Office of Keith A. Singer.

Keith is pleased to work with parents to develop customized parenting plans for children. The Pima County Superior Court offers this type of mediation free through its Court of Conciliation upon the filing of a Family Law case involving child-related issues. Custody and parenting time mediation with the Court of Conciliation or a private mediator is required before bringing a case before the Court for settlement or trial unless the parties submit their own parenting plan. Many people find that it is quicker, easier, and more convenient to develop the parenting plan by themselves or with Keith’s office, rather than waiting for the Court of Conciliation to schedule custody and parenting time mediation.

Once a parenting plan is accomplished and adequate income and expense information is provided, Keith can prepare all necessary documents.

Child Support

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