Litigations and Trial Lawyer

Experienced Trial Lawyer

Having an experienced trial lawyer on your team is crucial, especially if you need to appear in court against your spouse, former spouse, or significant other. Mr. Singer has over twenty years of experience appearing before family law judges in Arizona. During this time, he has developed the experience, the knowledge, and the ability to determine which cases can successfully be brought to trial and which cases should be settled. By only litigating cases that must be tried, Mr. Singer can give you the best possible outcome.

Mr. Singer always looks for an out-of-court settlement whenever possible. When it’s not, Mr. Singer knows that the heart and soul of his family law practice is his ability to take a family law case before the family law court whenever it’s in the best interest of his clients. When he takes a case to trial, he prepares thoroughly and rationally with his clients. His experience and expertise enable him to offer you the best possibility of a successful outcome.

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